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During our 2016-2017 planting season, we planted over 20,000 trees in 85 different zip codes throughout the Houston area. 

Our History

Trees For Houston is a non-profit organization whose simple yet focused mission is to plant, protect, and promote trees throughout the greater Houston area. Established in 1983, Trees For Houston's efforts initially centered on planting street trees in the heart of Houston, Texas. As the city grew, so did the need for strategic, large scale planting to counteract the often unfortunate impact of expansion on the region's tree canopy. Since our inception, with over 500,000 trees planted, our organization has evolved into one that grows, plants, and maintains tens of thousands of trees across the greater Houston area annually. 

Our Purpose

While retaining street tree plantings as a core element of our organizational mission, Trees For Houston has methodically expanded its reach, which now includes a wide variety of planting projects ranging from esplanades and trails to parks and schools. As Houstonians, we are fortunate to enjoy the beauty that trees provide to our communities, but they also provide more vital functions, such as filtering harsh pollutants form our air, providing energy conserving shade, controlling storm water runoff and providing habitat for wildlife. 

Who We Serve

Our constituency is a diverse and dynamic as the city of Houston itself. By planting trees wherever they may benefit the public, we can ensure a far reaching impact throughout our region for generations to come. Much like the trees that we plant, Trees For Houston's roots are deep, firmly established and continually growing. 

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