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During our 2016-2017 planting season, we planted over 20,000 trees in 85 different zip codes throughout the Houston area. 

Trees For Houston Legacy Society

If you choose to include Trees For Houston in your estate plans, you will ensure a healthy and beautiful Houston for future generations. Trees For Houston was founded in 1983 by a group of concerned citizens. As our city grew, so did our understanding of the important role trees play in making a neighborhood more inviting, bringing community members together to achieve a common goal, and adding beauty and unity to commercial corridors.

Throughout the years, we have benefited from the generosity of philanthropic organizations, the energy of dedicated board members, the support of public agencies and the sweat equity of innumerable volunteer tree-planters. This tradition continues today with projects ranging from replanting major thoroughfares, reforestation projects or school plantings. We hope you will consider making a gift to Trees For Houston to keep this tradition alive for years to come. 

If you consider a gift to Trees For Houston in concurrence with your estate and financial planning, you can take advantage of different opportunities that can help you maximize your assets, please contact to learn more.


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