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During our 2016-2017 planting season, we planted over 20,000 trees in 85 different zip codes throughout the Houston area. 

Trees For Texas

Trees For Houston is by no means restricted to the city limits. As a regional tree source, we have planted trees throughout the eight county Houston metropolitan region, and have planted trees as far away as Bastrop County. We will continue to expand our reach throughout southeast Texas. Please contact our office for more information on trees. 

Trees For Texas can assist with conservation and remediation projects regardless of scale. Our experience ranges from small plantings at air quality monitoring stations to large scale projects addressing complex environmental improvement challenges from urban heat –island effects to run-off and water quality issues.

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Some of the goals of Trees For Texas are:

  • promote common sense-based tree planting within the context of sustainability
  • combat soil degradation and erosion
  • improve micro-climatic conditions
  • identify relevant commercial activities that can benefit from phytoremediation
  • enhance environmental sustainability within the the region and offering customized solutions
  • promote enhance biological diversity
  • provide species specific solutions for the removal of both organic and inorganic pollutants via phytoremediation
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