We are proud to plant over 20,000 trees per year for a multitude of projects.


Tree Requests

Trees For Houston has methodically expanded its reach to a wide variety of planting projects ranging from streets and trails to parks and schools. By planting trees wherever they may benefit the public, we can ensure a far reaching impact throughout our region for generations to come. We value your commitment to help beautify and maintain Houston’s green space. 

The below donation request form allows Trees For Houston to better understand the needs for your project. We ask for all donation requests to be submitted at least 90 days prior to project date. Once submitted, donation request will be thoroughly evaluated and reviewed in the order received. Large requests should be submitted as early in the project planning phase as possible. 

Please fill out the form below.



Contact Information
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Contact Name
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Project Needs
The following must be completed in order to receive a tree donation from Trees For Houston: • Approval confirmation from appropriate entity • Submit approved planting plans which include • Project address • Planting location of each proposed tree • Gallon size of each proposed tree • Species of each proposed tree For approved projects please submit approved plans to carolina@treesforhouston.org
Project Date *
Project Date
Do you have the ability to water these trees for at least two years? *
For any projects we provide trees for, we require each project to have a watering source for a minimum of two years so that trees have the best chance of survival.
Drop Off Date
Drop Off Date
Drop Off Time
Drop Off Time
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Drop Off Address
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Drop Off Contact Number
Materials Needed *
Please check all that apply. Amount of equipment and materials will be based on size of trees and how many volunteers will be in attendance.
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Please check all that apply. Due to the large number of requests we receive, sizes and species cannot be guaranteed.
**Due to the large number of requests we receive, sizes and species cannot be guaranteed.**